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Timloc Face-Fix Rad-Seal 2nd Fix Radiator Pipe Guides & Seal

The Timloc Face-Fix Pipe Guides are radiator pipe guides and seals designed to provide an air leakage barrier around the point of entry for 10mm or 15mm plastic radiator pipework. Straightforward, quick face-fix installation securely positions the pipework in the required direction for easy connection. Timloc Face-Fix Pipe Guides can help to meet Building Regulation Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Power and Part E – Resistance to Sound.

  • Rad-Seal Face-Fix can helps to meet Part L air leakage performance
  • Quick & easy face-fix installation
  • Projects by just 25mm from the wall
  • Options for 10mm and 15mm radiator pipework
  • Can be purchased individually or boxes of 20
  • Eliminates kinking of radiator pipework


  • At the point of entry of through-wall 10mm or 15mm plastic radiator pipework
  • Within all wall constructions that present a concealed pipe void including:
    • Studded dry lined walls
    • Plaster dab slab walls

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15mm, 10mm