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Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power Adhesive & Sealant – 290ml

Stixall ultimate combined building adhesive and sealant

Stixall Extreme Power sealant is based on hybrid polymer technology

  • Extreme power to bond virtually EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in virtually all conditions, even underwater or in the rain!
  • Available in both white and crystal clear
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Quick curing
  • Can be painted if required
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures -40°C to +100°C
  • Resistant to chemicals and petrol
  • Superb resistance to UV radiation
  • Exceptional bonding strength

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Stixall has a really wide range of applications - examples include:

Bonding difficult materials such as specialised polymer systems, metals and fibreglass
External and internal pointing around doors and windows, especially in caravans and boats
Bonding mirrors to most common surfaces
As a high quality nail replacement adhesive, even to damp surfaces
Used in the automotive industry for gap filling and sealing
Sealing and bonding marble or granite where non-staining is essential
Sealing vertical expansion joints
For jointing of cladding panels
Anywhere needing high performance, durable sealing and bonding of joints
Instances where resistance to chemical spillage is required (e.g. garage forecourts)

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