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Nail Pin Plugs

NP1 & NP2

  • Made from high impact polystyrene
  • For fixing cable clip pins or similar small nails
  • For use into either very hard or very soft substrates e.g concrete and lightweight blocks etc.
In hard or brittle substrates, drill a 5.5mm hole, 25mm deep. Push the nail plug into the hole and tap it fully home. Hammer the nail in to the centre of the nail plug. In softer substrates, drill a 5.0mm hole and continue as above with hard materials. In very soft, aerated substrates, use the method as per softer substrates, or hammer the nail plug directly into the substrate without pre drilling. Hold the nail plug between finger and thumb and gently hammer home.

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NP1 1.5-2.0mm – Box 200, NP2 2.0-2.5mm – Box 200