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Flexy Fix Adhesive – Flooring – 290ml

Made popular by the flooring industry for its use with gripper rods, threshold trims and nosings, skirting boards and wood flooring

  • Useful for so many trades cases where a strong and fast bond is required
  • High initial grab
  • Polymer based adhesive
  • Permanently elastic
  • Waterproof and suitable for underwater bonding applications
  • Very fast curing and high final bond strength

Additional information

Silicone Colour


Technical Data

Flexyfix – Download

Colour: White
Packaging: 290 Ml cartridge

Flexyfix is a single component, ready to use, elastic adhesive and sealant suitable for bonding most materials to almost any surface, wet or dry. Also suitable for use over underfloor heating
This product is suitable for use in high rise apartments including stairwells and communal areas
Technical data:
Base – MS Polymer
Curing system – Moisture curing
Consistency – Paste
Colour – White
Specific gravity (g/cm³) – Approx. 1.5g/mL
Elongation at break – >200%
Open time at 21°C and 50% R.H – Approx. 5 minutes*
Adjustability time at 21°C and 50% RH – Approx. 5 minutes*
Set to load bearing – Approx. 30 minutes*
Tensile strength at break > 3.5N/mm²
Temperature resistance – -40°C to +90°C (cured)
Durability against ageing – Excellent
Total solids content 100% (solvent free)
Application rate As an adhesive approx.1.5 m² **
* This can vary according to environmental circumstances such as temperature, humidity, substrate etc.
** When applied in 10mm bead at 300 mm centres to one surface only

 One component,
 Ready to use
 Easy to apply,
 Solvent and water free
 Interior and exterior application
 Waterproof
 High initial grab
 Rapid build up of bond strength
 Very fast curing
 High final bond strength (according to DIN 281)
 Permanently Elastic
 Suitable for underwater bonding applications
 Dissipates shear forces
 Easy to remove residues
 Overpaintable with water based paints. (always test before full application)
 Weather and UV resistant
 Temperature resistant
 No hazard labelling required


Flexyfix is suitable for use in almost all cases where a strong and fast bond is required. It can be used on all clean, sound and dust free surfaces even if they are damp or wet, which makes it ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor bonding and sealing applications.
It can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Use on non-porous surfaces may lead to a slightly longer curing period.

Suitable materials include:
Glazed Surfaces
Hard Plastics and Much More.
Sanitary Ware

Note: This product is not suitable for use on PE, PP, Teflon, or bituminous surfaces

The adhesive should be applied by means of a caulking gun with a ratio of 18:1

Surface preparation:
The surface should be sound, clean and free of any contaminants

The adhesive should be applied in a bead by means of an applicator gun. The bead size will be determined by the particular use. For example: a 3mm wide bead will be sufficient to fix carpet gripper rods to concrete/screed but a 10mm bead may be required to fix wood flooring or wall cladding.

Apply the adhesive to one surface only and then press firmly with a sliding motion to ensure good adhesive contact. The high initial grab will generally mean that no mechanical fixings are required but in certain applications it is advisable to use a mechanical fixing.

Such instances being overhead applications. Temporary support may be required for very heavy items until the adhesive has dried.

Shelf Life:
12 months in unopened packaging stored in a cool dry place at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C

Rewmar wipes immediately after application. Tools can be cleaned prior to curing with Rewmar wipes or mechanically after curing

Application Temperature:
0°C and +35°C. The cure time will be extended when the temperature is below or around 5°C