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Everbuild PVC Pipe Cement Glue 250ml

P16 PVC Pipe Cement by Everbuild is a non-drip, thixotropic solvent-based pipe cement.
For use with non-pressure PVC and ABS thermoplastic pipes and conduits.

P16 PVC Pipe Cement combines a long open time with a rapid rate of bond strength development. Designed specifically for the following applications:

    • Bonding uPVC and ABS non-pressure pipes to themselves and each other, i.e. uPVC soil and ventilating pipes, fittings, and accessories conforming to BS414


    • uPVC rainwater piping/goods conforming to BS4576


    • uPVC underground drainpipes and fittings BS4660


    ABS or uPVC waste pipes and fittings conforming to BS55255.

P16 Pipe Cement is now CE and Kite marked giving the added reassurance of high quality.

• Quick setting, thixotropic solvent based pipe cement
• Conforms to BSEN 14814 & BS 1680
• For bonding thermoplastics in pressure and non-pressure applications
• Non-drip gel formula; brush supplied
• Rapid bond development

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