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Fix247 Carpet Spray Adhesive – 500ml

Carpet Spray Adhesive from Fix247 - for a heavy-duty, high strength bond

Our carpet spray is a really easy to use, quick drying adhesive that’s applied direct from the can using the spray nozzle. It provides a strong, flexible bond for many applications where a conventional adhesive would be too difficult or time-consuming to apply. It bonds all types of foam-backed carpets, underlay, carpet tiles, fabric, cork and felt to a variety of different surfaces.

Advantages of a spray adhesive for carpets

A spray adhesive product uses less adhesive compared to trowelling. Another advantage is that spray glue is less messy. Also, you can lay backed carpets and begin using them immediately. They offer an ergonomic advantage and an easier application, because you won't spend so much time on your knees! Very useful for commercial jobs and high-volume installations that require higher productivity.

  • Long lasting, general purpose carpet adhesive in a spray can
  • Produces a high strength bond
  • Suitable for bonding carpets, underlays, fabrics and textiles to most hard surfaces

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