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Hose Clip (Jubilee)


  • Zinc plated clip for securing soft hoses
  • Ideal for rubber or silicone hoses
  • Worm drive with 7mm slotted hex head
  • Continuous threaded banding for extra flexibility when adjusting
  • Manufactured to BS 5315-1991


SKU Name Product Option Unit Qty Quantity Add Select
HC110140SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-110mm-140mm 10
HC1116SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-11mm-16mm 10
HC1320SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-13mm-20mm 10
HC1825SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-18mm-25mm 10
HC2230SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-22mm-30mm 10
HC2535SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-25mm-35mm 10
HC3550SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-35mm-50mm 10
HC4560SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-45mm-60mm 10
HC5570SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-55mm-70mm 10
HC7090SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-70mm-90mm 10
HC9512SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-9-5mm-12mm 10
HC90120SS Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-stainless-steel-90mm-120mm 10
HC110140 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-110mm-140mm 10
HC1116 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-11mm-16mm 10
HC1320 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-13mm-20mm 10
HC1622 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-16mm-22mm 10
HC1825 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-18mm-25mm 10
HC2230 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-22mm-30mm 10
HC2535 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-25mm-35mm 10
HC3040 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-30mm-40mm 10
HC3550 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-35mm-50mm 10
HC4055 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-40mm-55mm 10
HC4560 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-45mm-60mm 10
HC5570 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-55mm-70mm 10
HC6080 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-60mm-80mm 10
HC7090 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-70mm-90mm 10
HC9512 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-9-5mm-12mm 10
HC90120 Hose Clip (Jubilee) hose-clips-zinc-90mm-120mm 10

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