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Decking Screws


  • Countersunk pozi drive exterior screw
  • Green colour corrosion resistant screw
  • Designed for exterior timber such as decking and fencing boards
  • Coarse single thread


SKU Name Product Option Unit Qty Quantity Add Select
DS4550T Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-50mm-decking-screw 1000
DS4550 Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-50mm-decking-screw 200
DS4555T Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-55mm-decking-screw 1000
DS4555 Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-55mm-decking-screw 200
DS4560T Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-60mm-decking-screw 1000
DS4560 Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-60mm-decking-screw 200
DS4575T Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-75mm-decking-screw 1000
DS4575 Decking Screws 4-5mm-x-75mm-decking-screw 200
DS5100 Decking Screws 5mm-x-100mm-decking-screw 100

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