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radiator pipe guide & seal

Radiator pipe guide & seal category includes guides & seals from the brands Manthorpe Building Products & Timloc Building Products.

In both brands we offer a 1st fix and a 2nd fix radiator guide & seal.

Manthorpe 1st Fix pipe Guide & Seal is a pipe clamp that prevents the chafing of pipes. It offers a skim bead which provides a guide for plastering. The 80mm radius pipe guide eliminates kinks and helps prevent pipe sag. An air tight, twin shot TPE gasket prevents air leakage. The 1st fix pipe guide and seal has 4 secure fixing points which allow accurate installation.

Manthorpe 2nd Fix Pipe Guide & Seal offers 3 secure fixing points. It has rubber grommets which hold the pipe and prevent air leakage. The guide has a flush fit design and works in all directions.

Timloc Rad-seal 2nd Fix Pipe Guide and Seal offers a quick and easy face-fix installation. The Rad-seal helps to meet Part L air leakage performance.

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