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Plastic ID tags

Plastic ID tags are used by plumbers for identifying specific items and areas within a new or re-worked heating system.

The ID tags are credit card sizes with a length of 85mm and a width of 54mm and are made from a robust plastic similar to that of a credit card size.

The plastic tags are available in a wide range of descriptions as follows-

  • Gas Isolation Valve
  • Gas Emergency Control Valve
  • Bypass Valve- Do not Adjust
  • Balancing Valve- Do not Adjust
  • Heating Filling Loop
  • Primary Flow
  • Primary Return
  • Heating Flow
  • Heating Return
  • Cold Feed to Heating
  • Heating Valve Zone 1
  • Heating Valve Zone 2
  • Flat
  • Zone
  • Mains Water Stopcock
  • Garden Tap Stopcock
  • Hot Water Isolation Valve
  • Mains Water Iso Valve to HW Cylinder
  • Cold Water
  • Hot Water
  • Mains Water to Hot Water Cylinder
  • Cylinder Service Valve
  • Zone Valve to Cylinder
  • Zone Valve to upstairs Radiators
  • Zone Valve to Downstairs Radiators
  • Cold Water Isolation Valve
  • Cold Water to Washing Machine


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